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May 2023



Blue water thinking and P&I clubs

Towards the end of last year, S&P produced an overview of the marine protection and indemnity sector that pointed to some of the major opportunities – as well as significant threats – that P&I clubs face in a post-COVID world. International Group of P&I Clubs’ Mr Andrew Cutler shared his thoughts on the pressures affecting the sector and future prospects.

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Ensuring competency in marine insurance

The marine insurance industry has suffered over the past few years, but growth has begun to return with the rise in interest rates and general improvement in shipping business. However, there are still many challenges that marine insurers must contend with, owing to geopolitical factors and climate change. We spoke to the International Union of Marine Insurer’s Mr Lars Lange to find out more.

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New technology and cyber risks on the high seas

The continued digitalisation of the maritime sector means that shipowners can now rely on advanced new technology to manage risks. This reliance on technology, however, also exposes vessels to more cyber risks.

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Evolving political and cyber landscape for marine risks

The Middle East is at the forefront of major political developments with recent peace deals and its stance on trade with Russia. Supply chains are also under enormous pressure. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Gallagher’s Mr Bard Poulsson and Howden’s Mr Bozidar Ljubisavljevic about the impact emerging risks have on insurers.

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Technology adoption needed for better perishable cargo regulation

Perishable cargo can be challenging to insure with unique risks to consider when transporting different types of goods. Data and technology are crucial to understanding what is needed for a safer supply chain and effective regulation. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Parsyl’s Mr Gavin Spencer for more insights.

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Weather index insurance gains appeal in Africa

The agricultural sector in Africa needs protection from climate change and emerging risks that threaten crops. Farmers are embracing weather index insurance products that offer lower premiums. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Acre Africa’s Mr Farid Wangara about how the technology can improve insurance penetration in the continent.

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Can agriculture be sustainable in the Middle East?

Agriculture is deeply affected by climate change, especially in arid regions like the Middle East. Jenoa Insurance & Risk Mitigation’s Mr Mohammad Mahboob Khan shares his views on sustainable agriculture in MENA and how insurance can help mitigate the challenges.

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Fire cover has never been more important, but clients need to up their game

Climate change is driving the risk of fires, particularly in hot dry areas like the MENA region. Specialty MGA UK’s Mr Phil Cottle talks about how parametric insurance and good risk management practices can help farmers and landowners mitigate this risk.

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Life & health

A different approach to the health insurance network

The Consilient Health Insurance Forum held in Dubai earlier this year provided a comprehensive overview of the UAE health insurance business and tackled some of the main challenges facing the industry. Consilient head of practice Robin Ali presents the event’s main highlights.

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