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Jan 2023

Global Risk Review

Rapidly melting glaciers release unknown bacteria into water ecosystems

Fast-melting glaciers are releasing staggering amounts of unknown bacteria into rivers and streams, which could transform icy ecosystems, according to new research.

Risks to democratic processes are increasing significantly

One third of countries across the world have seen risks to their democratic processes increase significantly during the past five years, with corporates operating in poorly ranked countries facing ESG and supply chain threats, according to Verisk Maplecroft democratic governance index (DGI).

Availability of fresh water in a changing climate

Currently 3.6bn people face inadequate access to water for at least a month per year and this is expected to increase to more than 5bn by 2050, according to the first edition of the State of Global Water Resources 2021 report.

Majority make use of their cyber insurance

A majority of organisations (80%) have had to use their cyber insurance and more than 50% have used it more than once, according to a new analysis by Delinea.

The human firewall and modern cyber defence

Companies scrutinise the way the cyber attack surface is protected by technical tools and processes, yet losses and breaches still occur and that is because something crucial is being left out of the picture, according to a new weblog by specialty insurer NMU.

More than two-thirds of Kiwis are underinsured

A new research has revealed that around 70% New Zealanders are significantly underinsured and are putting their loved ones at risk, according to a new research report Money and You – Taking Cover from the New Zealand Financial Services Council (FSC).

Cyber attacks: Indian healthcare is the second most targeted globally

While COVID-19 spurred rapid digitalisation, especially in the healthcare industry, the industry also witnessed an almost equal surge in cyber attacks on healthcare organisations worldwide, according to a recent research by AI and digital security company CloudSEK.

Geopolitical risks threaten productivity in 2023

Organisations have been put into ‘perma-crisis’ mode with global risks from geopolitics to the cost of living threatening productivity going into 2023, according to a new report from International SOS.

Climate resilience programme for urban areas in 10 countries

Zurich Insurance Group’s climate charity Z Zurich Foundation will scale up its efforts to combat climate change with the launch of a climate resilience programme for urban areas in 10 countries.

Fraud rings continue to rise

Less sophisticated’ fraud – in which doctored identity documents are readily spotted – jumped 37% in 2022, according to Onfido 2023 Identity Fraud Report released in December 2022.