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Dec 2022

Global Risk Review

Financial and cyber crimes top global police concerns

Financial and cyber crimes such as money laundering, ransomware, phishing and online scams are ranked either high or very high threats by over 60% of the respondents participating in a new study conducted by international police organisation INTERPOL.

Intermittent encryption - a new threat to cyber security

Cyber criminals and hackers keep coming up with ‘innovative’ new ways to strip clients of their privacy, assets and data. Another new tactic, intermittent encryption, is now emerging in the area of cyber crime.

Majority of digital healthcare claims would not be covered under traditional policies

Over two-thirds (70%) of claims from digital healthcare presently come from areas which would not be covered under traditional medical policies or traditional malpractice solutions, according to a new report by CFC Underwriting.

A third of people face life in climate hotspots

Climate change impacts - from slow-moving crises such as drought and sea level rise to weather disasters - are increasingly displacing people from their homes and worsening conflict threats, according to scientists at the COP27 UN Climate Talks.

Climate risks could impair long-term viability of world's waterways

The future of some of the world’s most important shipping lanes – including the Suez and Panama canals and other sea-facing port and terminal infrastructure – could be impaired from risks associated with climate change, according to a new research by Marsh.

ESG, risk management and role of risk managers

Risk managers have a clear role to play in developing and managing ESG strategies for their organisations, but work is needed to define where best to focus efforts, according to a new survey conducted by WTW.

Global insolvencies expected to rise in 2022 and 2023

After two years of decline, a broad-based acceleration in global business insolvencies is expected. According to Allianz Trade, global business insolvencies should rise both in 2022 (+10%) and 2023 (+19%).

Heatwaves lower the GDP of low-income countries

Even short spells of extreme heat can be enough to lower a region’s economic output for an entire year, according to a new study showing the unequal impact of global warming.

Oceans turning acidic is life threatening

The acidity levels of western region of Arctic ocean are increasing three to four times faster than ocean waters elsewhere and this growing acidity is creating life-threatening problems for the diverse population of sea creatures, plants and other living things that depend on a healthy ocean, according to a new study.

Higher stress and less work engagement afflicts young adults

A new study has revealed that despite newfound workplace freedoms young people now face higher levels of stress, financial concern and reduced workplace satisfaction and growth.