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Nov 2022

Global Risk Review

Hidden danger in electric vehicle fires

Fires in electric vehicle (EV) batteries can burn unseen. Firefighters can extinguish the visible flames in an EV fire, but chemicals inside the battery continue to burn because firefighters cannot reach the source, according to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Digital health providers operating without protection

The attitude of digital health and wellness providers towards risk and insurance is changing rapidly across all geographies, according to specialist insurer Beazley.

Risk of triggering multiple climate tipping points

Even if countries meet the goals of the Paris Climate agreement, global warming could still trigger several climate tipping points that would drastically change life on the Earth, according to a new research.

Managed retreat a viable response to climate risk

Managed retreat is often considered a last resort, but perhaps it is time to consider it as a powerful tool to adapt to rising sea levels, flooding and other climate change effects, according to Zurich Insurance.

Oceans turning acidic is life threatening

The acidity levels of western region of Arctic ocean are increasing three to four times faster than ocean waters elsewhere and this growing acidity is creating life-threatening problems for the diverse population of sea creatures, plants and other living things that depend on a healthy ocean, according to a new study.

New measures to tackle mental health issues

An estimated 12bn workdays are lost annually due to depression and anxiety, and these cost the global economy nearly $1tn, according to two new publications from WHO and ILO.

Extreme heat to impact over 970 cities by 2050

A new report has detailed the social and economic effects of climate-driven extreme heat through the prism of 12 cities, spanning six continents and covering an urban population of more than 123m.

Cyber cover growing strong

International variations in the responses to increasing cyber risks and strong growth in demand for insurance covers for this risk have been highlighted in a new report published by Global Insurance Law Connect (GILC).

Insurance should support customers build resilience

Lloyd’s and Aon in a new report have evaluated Russia president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and focused on the actions the insurance industry can take to support clients in building resilience.