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Nov 2022


Catlin: There is no spare capital

On the sidelines of the Monte Carlo Rendez-vous, we caught up with Convex’s Mr Stephen Catlin to get his thoughts on some of the big issues facing the reinsurance sector today.

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Growing reinsurance business using strategy

Success in reinsurance seems to be equal parts spotting new opportunities, containing costs and working with the right clients in the right markets. Middle East Insurance Review caught up with Hannover Re’s Dr Michael Pickel on the sidelines of the Monte Carlo Rendez-vous to see where business is headed.

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Pricing adequacy for sustainable reinsurance

The harsh reality of climate change is that the increasing frequency and severity of Nat CAT has eroded the financial sustainability of traditional reinsurance business. SCOR’s Mr David Johnstone offers some pointers on how the reinsurer intends to tackle this dilemma.

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Diversifying the reinsurance portfolio

Zurich-headquartered Echo Re has seen some personnel changes at the top recently but remains fully committed to its core markets. We caught up with the reinsurer’s Messrs Fabian Pütz and Paul Hertelendy to find out how business has been and where future growth lies.

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Steady as she goes reinsurance

Kuwait Re celebrates its 50th anniversary this year – half a century of steady, measured growth. We caught up with the reinsurer’s Far East regional office’s Mr Abdallah Badaoui to talk about doing business in Asia Pacific.

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Still a huge runway for growth

If market predictions turn out to be true, the upcoming renewals season could be a bruising affair. This could put reinsurance brokers in a sticky position, but this does not worry Guy Carpenter’s Mr Tony Gallagher unduly.

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Reinsurer's eye in the sky

As the focus of the reinsurance community continues to remain on dealing with the fall-out from Nat CAT, deficiencies in the knowledge base that informs their decisions become more apparent. ICEYE tackles part of this data deficiency from the ground up – or from the stars down – to offer reinsurers a peek into the future. We spoke to the firm’s Mr Rafal Modrzewski for further insights.

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Future may arrive faster than anticipated

Helping reinsurers forecast their risk exposure better – even just one to three years ahead – could be a major business advantage. We spoke to RMS’ Dr Robert Muir-Wood for insights into how the modelling business was developing and how it could help reinsurers more.

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This year's model

Of the tools that reinsurers need to be able to price Nat CAT risk properly, accurate models would have to be near the top of the list. We spoke to Verisk’s Dr Milan Simic to find out how Nat CAT models are improving and whether they could become more predictive.

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Commitment, consistency and sustainability in reinsurance

Strong commitment to markets and building relationships with local cedants are crucial for reinsurers to maintain and grow their businesses, say Mirabilis Engineering Underwriting Managers’ Messrs Curt Meyer and Shane Graham.

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