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Aug 2022

Global Risk Review

Major structural risks set to disrupt operations, investments and supply chains

Companies that focus on building resilience and flexibility can mitigate the worst impacts of external shocks by detecting them early. They are better positioned to ride out these waves of uncertainty and come out stronger on the other side, according to a new report.

Better road safety measures could save half a million lives annually

A new analysis that includes 74 studies conducted in 185 countries estimates that targeting four major risk factors for road injuries and deaths (speeding, drink driving, non-use of crash helmets and non-use of seat belts) could prevent between 25% and 40% of all fatal road injuries worldwide every year.

Overshooting 2°C would cause permanent damage to Earth's species

A new study has analysed that overshooting the 2°C temperature target would be highly damaging and even a temporary overshoot would cause waves of irreversible extinctions and lasting damage to tens of thousands of species.

Arctic temperatures rising 4x faster than global warming

The Arctic is heating up more than four times faster than the rate of global warming, according to a new analysis of observed temperatures. The trend has stepped upward steeply twice in the last 50 years, a finding missed by all but four of 39 climate models.

Digital wearables are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Digital wearables, smartwatches and fitness trackers pose unique threats to the security and privacy of customer data, according to a new document released by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

One in four have fallen victim to online fraud in Asia Pacific

Consumers surveyed in six Asia Pacific (APAC) markets are most vulnerable to online fraud on social media sites, according to a new survey.

Businesses' resilience to risks alters in 2022

Beazley’s latest risk and resilience research into geopolitical risk shows that events so far this year have significantly altered business leaders’ perceptions of the risks they face and their resilience to those risks, which has fallen dramatically since 2021.

Insurers can address the challenge of climate change

A new report has said that the insurance industry has a central role in building wider understanding about climate-related risks and in mitigating against those risks.

Almost every organisation experienced a cyber attack in 2021

No organisation is immune from cyber attacks and about 94% of organisations have admitted they experienced a security incident in the last 12 months a new report by cyber security solutions company Barracuda Networks has revealed.

Floods and droughts forecast to cost cities $194bn annually

Floods and droughts are likely to cost major global cities $194bn annually by 2050, according to a new research.