Decade 2.0 of rewarding excellence

The Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA) begin their sprint into the second decade of acknowledging and rewarding best-in-class for the main sectors of the insurance industry. It has been an amazing journey, for us as partners to the insurance industry.

We at Middle East Insurance Review (MEIR) are truly appreciative that the industry has walked with us in this cause, to work towards a common goal – that of reaching for new milestones of achievement, and better ways of doing business within the region.

Having completed a decade, MIIA still remains the trophy to aspire for. The awards have recognised most outstanding of companies, individuals and initiatives to propel the industry to new, fresh heights. It is a never-ending climb to excellence, and a goal post that is always moving.

MEIR has seen both the highs and victories as well as the lows and challenges, together with you. Whilst regulatory tightening in the various markets, has focused on improving governance and transparency, and strengthen solvency standards, we as an industry still have many worries around recent geopolitical and economic developments, not to mention dusting off the remnants of a crippling pandemic.

This will be the decade of real transformation, however, as the Middle East insurance industry is anticipated to undergo huge change. It remains to be seen what the next decade will bring.

We anticipate that the direction of these awards will also morph according to the anticipated change in trajectory across the region, which will be driven by factors such as AI and digital transformation, socioeconomic changes, diversity and inclusion, and climate change (as witnessed by the recent devastating floods in the region) and an increased focus on sustainability.

We are also very humbled to be able to salute the who’s who personalities who have achieved remarkable milestones in their careers and walked the red carpet via our Young Leader, Woman Leader and Industry Leader categories.

We hope that these awards will continue to be the industry standard to showcase the agility and resilience of the market.

It remains an honour for MEIR to continue to serve the industry and celebrate excellence, innovation and the industry’s grit. We are proud to open nominations for this, the 11th Middle East Insurance Industry Awards 2024 and look forward to sifting through the nominations to see what the industry has done in the qualifying period to effect a stronger, more customer-centric ecosystem.

At this juncture, we would like to thank the 20 judges who have continued to serve selflessly towards this cause, despite their busy schedules. It is their prestige, integrity, insight and market intelligence, that add weight to these awards. Their contributions, advice and support have made the MIIA trophy such an accolade - as these awards are judged for the industry by the industry peers.

The stringent and watertight process is still hailed to make these awards the most respected and the judges truly go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure it remains so.

We would also like to thank our valued sponsors who have helped us sustain these awards. Without them, these awards would not have been possible. Many have been on this journey with us from the very beginning.

As we did in the past couple of years, we will be giving company-specific finalists the chance to pitch their case directly to the judges via an interview process. This will give the judges a clearer first-hand view since the passion and tenacity show through in this engagement.

So let the competition begin and let us see you shine. Send in your nominations following the criteria closely to prevent disqualification.

Judges are looking out for clear examples of what you have done during the qualifying period so ensure you use this opportunity wisely. Both self-nominations and third-party nominations carry equal weight. If you feel a company is worthy of being considered, do send in your suggestions as well.

We at MEIR take this opportunity to wish you all the very best. The competition begins now. We hope to see you in person at the gala extravaganza, as a recipient of the trophy in November.

Ms Sheela Suppiah
Asia Insurance Review & Middle East Insurance Review

It is with great pride and joy that, as founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, I once again have the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our valued frontline colleagues.

As the awards reach their ninth successful year, it is important that we take stock of the significant contributions the insurance industry and its leaders – including all of the nominees – have made in helping people, their families and our communities move forward.

And that is against the backdrop of another challenging year. Many countries, faced with stubbornly high inflation, have seen their central banks implement the most aggressive policy tightening in four decades, with businesses and households, still reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, having to adjust to the higher costs. The devastating wars in Europe and in the Middle East – human tragedies first and foremost – have added further uncertainty and volatility to the global economy.

By the end of 2024, voters in more than 70 countries will have been to the polls, making it the biggest election year on record. The outcomes are likely to have implications that extend beyond national borders, impacting trade, the green transition and geopolitics more broadly.

And it is in this highly complex environment that agents and advisers have once again distinguished themselves. They have enhanced customer experience through the use of innovative technological tools, best-in-class products and the peace of mind that comes from human engagement. They are the critical link of the insurance ecosystem and a driver of the industry’s continued growth.

I am delighted that the achievements of the nominated agents and advisers will be celebrated in Singapore later this year.

Thank you to Asia Insurance Review and the Asia Advisers Network for their leadership in making this happen.

Mark Tucker
Founding patron of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards and group chairman, HSBC Holdings plc