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May 2024


Bringing innovation to takaful

Worldwide, takaful operators have been slow at innovation but things are about to change with several new-age players who are using technology and cutting-edge solutions to attract the masses. Ouch! is one such takaful company that is introducing innovative products solutions in the Malaysian market.

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Improving takaful with preventative claims due diligence

Takaful performance in the GCC has been affected by rising claims and costs. Chedid Re’s Mr Wasim Alwani believes that fraudulent activities can be prevented with more emphasis on preventative due diligence, rather than reactive due diligence in claims investigation.

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Opportunities abound for Malaysian takaful

There is significant consumer demand for ethical and socially-responsible insurance solutions that will drive takaful adoption in Malaysia. Etiqa Insurance and Takaful’s Ms Janifer Queen spoke to Middle East Insurance Review about how the country’s takaful insurance market potential, characterised by innovation, collaboration and sustained market expansion.

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