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Apr 2024



Event-cancellation insurance is a luxury product

As the MENA region appears with greater frequency on the global tour schedules of major entertainers and sporting events, the need for event-cancellation insurance has grown. To find out about the lack of awareness of this niche product and barriers to growth, we caught up with International General Insurance’s Ms Emily Clapham for an expert view.

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Anoud Tech equips the insurance industry for the Digital Age

The insurance industry continues to lag most major sectors in digitally transforming its operations and providing compelling digital services to its customers.

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Insurance against war and related risks in MENA

The Arab War Risks Insurance Syndicate continues to develop its tools and expand its products with a vision to serve its members’ interests and the MENA markets at large, says the syndicate’s Mr Imad Abdel Khaleq.

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Strong insurance growth in Oman

A healthy portfolio and diversified distribution strategy help insurers grow their operations while maintaining profitable outcome, says Dhofar Insurance Company’s Mr Sunil Kohli.

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Life & health

Adopt and adapt to AI

While AI offers vast opportunities in all realms of life, a lot depends on how the people make use of it. Being still the initial stages of AI, there is a lot of apprehension about its use. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Wymo’s Mr Sumanas Kar to understand the processes and how the insurance industry can achieve more from AI.

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GCC life insurance set to flourish

The regional life insurance market is witnessing significant shifts, driven by technological adoption. This trend is compelling insurers to innovate their offerings and tools in order to cater to evolving market needs effectively, says HDFC International Life and Re’s Mr Rahul Prasad.

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Making CI coverage accessible and relevant

In the Middle East in 2023, 49% of critical illness (CI) claims were paid out for cancer and 41% for heart attack and stroke. Despite these figures, take-up rates for CI policies are impacted by a lack of awareness, cultural norms and socioeconomic factors. Middle East Insurance Review spoke with MetLife Jordan’s Mr Zeid Khamash to find out how awareness and take-up rates can be raised.

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