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Mar 2023


Reinsurance rates: Volatile markets set to challenge brokers

The expected hardening of reinsurance rates may not be as universal as most might expect. We spoke to brokers to get a clearer look at what is happening, how changing economic conditions might affect rates and what brokers need to do to make sure they stay profitable, and their clients do not feel the need to ‘cut out the middle-man’.

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Brokers must act as consultants to survive

The Middle East is seeing a surge of InsurTech firms acting as aggregators which threatens some traditional insurance brokers. Brokers will have to focus on advisory and specialised services in order to adapt to this new reality.

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Brokers navigating a hard market

In addition to the ever-growing complexity of risk, macroeconomic headwinds and other global events are making for a tough business environment for the insurance sector. GIG Gulf’s Mr Ricardo Arroyo highlights how insurers working more closely with brokers will ensure both parties are better equipped to tackle the challenges they face.

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Coping with new norms

The challenging business environment brokers will face in the next year is underpinned by what has been regarded as a particularly challenging round of January renewals. EXOS Corporation’s Mr Tareq Marea looks at some things brokers can do to set themselves apart in such a hard market.

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MENA an alluring ground with challenges for reinsurance brokers

There is significant demand for reinsurance brokers in the MENA region, but each opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. Risk Exchange (DIFC)’s Mr Aftab Hasan talks about the details.

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