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Oct 2021

Market Profile


GCC-listed insurers prove their mettle amid the pandemic

GCC-listed insurers stay on a strong growth path in the first half of 2021, recording a double-digit gain in net profit and a healthy increase in GWP. The performance is a testament to the resilience and strength of the industry despite the continued uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

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Bahrain must consolidate and look outside for growth

With COVID-19 creating opportunities for insurers to define business models and capabilities and more consolidation amid a crowded market, Bahrain’s insurance sector is set for continued growth.

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Kuwait's insurance sector continues expansion

GWP has been on the rise this year for listed insurers. The sector has had a sterling stock market track record, with companies growing in size and value.

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Health holds promise for Oman's insurance growth

Profitability rose to the highest level in five years even though insurance premiums fell in 2020. For the current year, market profitability is expected to retreat as pandemic woes ebb.

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Qatar rebounds on buoyant underwriting and reduced losses

The market went into the red in 2020 due to the pandemic and other woes. It seems to have turned the corner, with bellwether insurer posting good profits for this year.

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Saudi market strengthens as mergers and new rules kick in

A wave of mergers in the insurance sector over the past two years, along with vigorous regulatory measures, will pave the way for building a solid insurance industry.

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UAE insurance sector could be marginalised under central bank

It is a big year for the UAE with the Expo 2020 Dubai finally taking place after pandemic driven delays. But the insurance sector has stresses of its own to deal with, so the road ahead may be more challenging than forecast.

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