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  • MENA: Growth of cities needs to be disaster-proofed

    Natural disasters - such as flood, extreme heat and drought-in MENA countries have affected 40m people over the last 30 years, aggravated by a number of factors including the rise in population density.

    Middle East | 15 Sep 2019
  • MENA: Health insurers looking at value based pricing

    Affordability and value-based pricing are driving innovative payment schemes in the regional healthcare insurance sector, as governments in MENA introduce mandatory health insurance and encourage funding from the private sector.

    Middle East | 12 Sep 2019
  • MENA: 45 finalists announced for 2019 Middle East Insurance Industry Awards

    A total of 45 insurers, brokers, risk managers, service providers and industry leaders have made it to the finals of the 2019 Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA), edging out more than 300 other entries in the first round of judging.

    Middle East | 04 Sep 2019
  • MENA: Region has started its most favourable demographic period

    The most favourable demographic dividend period for MENA will be between 2018 and 2040, when an unprecedentedly large proportion of its population will transition into their most productive years and the dependency ratio is predicted to be lowest.

    Middle East | 27 Aug 2019
  • MENA: Region has 12 of the world's extremely water stressed countries

    The Middle East and North Africa are the most water-stressed region on Earth with 12 of the top 17 most water stressed countries.

    Middle East | 15 Aug 2019
  • Middle East: All eyes on Strait of Hormuz

    Experts in the insurance industry have confirmed that the London-based Joint War Committee (JWC) has not announced any increase in the risk of war on ships in the Arabian Gulf, since the 19 July seizure of a British tanker by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz.

    Middle East | 24 Jul 2019
  • Middle East: Impact of war with Iran being assessed

    Surging oil and gas prices, skyrocketing insurance costs and attacks on energy and banking infrastructure are likely to follow quickly if Iran's interception last week of two UK-linked tankers spirals into outright war, reported Bloomberg.

    Middle East | 21 Jul 2019
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia & Kuwait have the most number of HNWIs in the region

    Saudi Arabia and Kuwait demonstrated impressive growth in the number of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and wealth last year, according to the World Wealth Report 2019 published by Capgemini, a global firm engaged in consulting, technology services and digital transformation.

    Middle East | 14 Jul 2019
  • Nat CAT: Climate change expected to increase demand for energy

    Climate change will increase the demand for energy globally by mid-century, even with modest warming, according to a new study by researchers from Austrian-based International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Boston University, and the Ca' Foscari University of Venice.

    Middle East | 26 Jun 2019
  • Middle East: Ship & cargo insurance rates soar

    War risk premiums for a standard oil cargo from the Persian Gulf and the tanker hauling it can now cost upwards of $500,000, reported Bloomberg citing people familiar with the insurance market. Earlier this year, the same premiums would have cost owners less than 1/10 of that.

    Middle East | 26 Jun 2019