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Feb 2024

Read the latest edition of AIR and MEIR as an Interactive e-book

Reinsurers offer Nat CAT capacity but it comes at a price


In spite of the anxiety expressed at the SIRC last year about the possibility of turbulence during the January renewal period, it turned out to be a much smoother process when compared to the prior year, as the (re)insurance industry managed to correct its course. Nevertheless, significant Nat CAT activity in the MENA region in 2023 has led to tough renewal negotiations between reinsurers and cedants. Reinsurance rates are hardening, according to the reinsurers we spoke to.

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Life and property drive growth in Oman


Between 2021 and 2022, the Oman insurance sector grew by 12.8%. According to experts, the industry is set for further growth in 2024.

Steering away from risks in the Red Sea


The hostile environment in the Red Sea has led to a widening of the high-risk zones, increasing war risk premiums and reinsurers backing out and introducing cancellation provisions.

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  • Magazine article aboutLiving-in-interesting-times

    Living in interesting times

    Prior to 7 October 2023, it looked as if the path towards ‘peace in the Middle East’ might continue straight without any major deviations for some time to come.

Market Profile


  • Magazine article aboutAI-and-aggregators-dominate-InsurTech-scene

    AI and aggregators dominate InsurTech scene

    The InsurTech industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain is growing rapidly, with AI technologies and aggregators taking centre stage. We spoke with Braxtone Group’s Mr Mohamed Radhi to find out more.

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  • Enhanced insurance regulations in Bahrain

    New rules and regulations have been introduced by the Central Bank of Bahrain, focusing on mandating health insurance for expatriates and citizens and making ESG reporting compulsory from 2024. We look at some of the regulator’s biggest...

  • Growth in most lines except life insurance

    The insurance industry in Bahrain has shown steady growth in 2023 driven by strong performance across most lines of business. It is expected that the mandatory health insurance scheme will benefit insurers further. However, life insurance struggles...

Market spotlight


  • Magazine article aboutLife-and-property-drive-growth-in-Oman

    Life and property drive growth in Oman

    Between 2021 and 2022, the Oman insurance sector grew by 12.8%. According to experts, the industry is set for further growth in 2024.

  • Oman insurance regulation

    ‘Steady as she goes’ seems to be the strategy adopted by Oman’s Capital Market Authority throughout the past year as the nation grapples with the ever-changing insurance landscape. We offer a round-up of significant regulatory...

  • Takaful is a growing force in Oman

    Despite the late emergence of takaful in the Sultanate of Oman, the sector today represents an integral pillar of the insurance market and has been achieving notable progress over the past few years, especially in the family takaful segment.


  • Magazine article aboutBrokers-should-evolve

    Brokers should evolve

    The enormous potential in MENA attracts newcomers to open offices and offer their services. However, reinsurance brokers must evolve, improve their tools and assume a greater role in developing the industry, says LINK Insurance Brokers’ Mr...

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Life & health

  • Fraud and scams in health insurance

    Fraud and scams in health insurance not only lead to increased premiums for policyholders but also to loss of public trust in the industry.’s Mr Avinash Babur tells Middle East Insurance Review how adoption of technology has...


SIRC Connect

  • Long-term motor reinsurance capacity limited

    Rising claims costs, weather-related losses and concerns over solutions for electric vehicles have contributed to limited long-term reinsurance motor capacity. Middle East Insurance Review spoke with Chedid Re’s Mr Elie Abi Rached and Howden...



  • Magazine article aboutThe-state-of-Arab-insurance-markets-today

    The state of Arab insurance markets today

    The insurance industry in the Arab world has great growth potential despite challenges and crises that hit some countries. In its 60th year, the General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) continues its mission in supporting growth in the Arab markets...

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  • Algeria: Insurance industry grows by 2.65% in 2023

    The Algerian insurance market is estimated to have posted turnover, including international acceptances, of around DZD168.4bn ($1.25bn) in 2023, an increase of 2.6% over 2022, indicated the National Insurance Council (CNA).

  • Algeria: Natural disaster losses could rise to 0.7% of GDP on average

    Disaster losses could average around 0.7% of Algeria’s GDP per year, nearly double the historical average, according to a new joint study from the World Bank and the National Delegation for Major Risks under the Algerian Ministry of the...

  • Egypt: Market sees tightening of reinsurance terms

    Reinsurers are unlikely to relax strict conditions in the January 2024 renewals, including risk retention rates for insurance companies and other stringent terms and conditions that they imposed in recent years, according to Misr Insurance Company...

Global Risk Review

  • US: Stress at work reaches alarming proportions

    Stress at work has reached epidemic proportions and showed little decline in 2023 according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association (APA).

  • As flood risk rises, populations abandon areas

    New research has revealed the emergence of ‘climate abandonment areas’, which are locations that have lost population over the last two decades, from 2000 to 2020 due to climate change related flood risk.

  • Climate change makes weather forecasting harder

    Climate change is making it increasingly difficult for scientists to forecast extreme weather accurately in the short term. Climate change also implies that the world will have to learn to live through more unpredictable weather.

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