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Jun 2024

Mapping the risk environment

Bahrain and Qatar face flood risk challenge

Bahrain and Qatar witnessed substantial rainfall in April this year, which served as a wake-up call for the two nations to assess vulnerabilities from extreme weather events and build resilient communities.

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Insurance to make agriculture climate resilient

Agriculture is deeply impacted by climate change, especially in arid regions like the Middle East. Agri-technologist Mr Deepak Pareek shares his thoughts on how insurers and governments in the Middle East can contribute to sustainable agriculture and help mitigate the challenges.

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Monitor to mitigate (risk)

Complex and high-risk navigation in the marine sector can be managed by monitoring other vessels and even weather events. Preventative measures can then be used to reduce risk. We find out more.

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Record rainfall threatens to drown Arabian Gulf

The Arabian Gulf was hit with record heavy rain in April, with a year’s worth of rainfall hitting the region in just a single day. The insurance implications are worrying, with possible knock-on effects on reinsurance. We take a look at the reports that have come out of the region and what this might mean for insurers.

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