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Jun 2024

Market Profile


AgriTechs can help agriculture grow despite the challenges ahead

The unique advantages of Morocco’s geographical location notwithstanding, its agricultural sector grapples with a variety of risks. DeepLeaf AgriTech’s Mr El Mahdi Aboulmanadel says technology with government and regulatory support can provide sustainable solutions for secure and thriving agriculture in the country.

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A competitive non-life market in Morocco

There are a number of factors contributing to Morocco’s dynamic insurance landscape – premium growth, demand for health and property insurance and the introduction of compulsory lines.

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Growth and stability in Moroccan reinsurance

The reinsurance market in Morocco has stabilised and will offer ample opportunities for growth in the coming year, says IGI Casablanca’s Mr Youssef Alaoui.

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Higher insurance profitability in Morocco despite macroeconomic challenges

The Moroccan insurance sector, despite a difficult macroeconomic situation, has improved profitability in 2023.

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New developments for regulations in Morocco

Morocco’s insurance industry is undergoing significant shifts as new risks, particularly regulatory ones, gain prominence alongside Nat CAT and cyber. We take a look at some changes and statistics.

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Life insurance continues to grow at rapid rate

Morocco’s life insurers have seen life premiums grow at a steady rate, outpacing inflation. As unemployment rates drop and GDP rises, life insurers could see growth reach an average of 5.9% a year by 2028. We take a closer look at the market and the factors behind this growth.

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Inflation, Nat CAT and claims in Moroccan reinsurance

Morocco has seen quite a bit of change in the reinsurance segment over the past 12 months. To get a better understanding of the nuances of the market, we spoke to African Reinsurance Corporation’s Mr Mohamed Larbi Nali.

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