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Mar 2024


GAIF triumphant

The opening ceremony of 34th General Arab Insurance Federation Conference will live long in the memories of everyone who attended.

Great achievements for GAIF's 60th anniversary

GAIF has been and remains the sole representative for insurance and reinsurance companies in the Arab world and the number of members is proof of its position. Despite challenges hindering Arab cooperation, GAIF remains an exception in terms of the level of cooperation among markets represented by associations and companies.

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Insurance is not ready for AI

The first main session of GAIF 34 addressed one of the big issues head on: How is the sector leveraging AI to disrupt and reshape the Arab insurance landscape?

How insurance regulators cope with AI

If there was every any doubt that the insurance regulators of the Arab world were taking AI seriously, then any such uncertainty would have been dispelled by the insurance regulation session.

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Sustainable insurance practices brought to life

Day three of GAIF 34 began with a stellar session on ‘Sustainable insurance practices - strategies and initiatives adopted by Arab insurers to promote sustainability in the industry’ in which delegates were privileged to hear cutting-edge thinking from industry leaders.

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