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Feb 2024

Global Risk Review

US: Stress at work reaches alarming proportions

Stress at work has reached epidemic proportions and showed little decline in 2023 according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association (APA).

As flood risk rises, populations abandon areas

New research has revealed the emergence of ‘climate abandonment areas’, which are locations that have lost population over the last two decades, from 2000 to 2020 due to climate change related flood risk.

Climate change makes weather forecasting harder

Climate change is making it increasingly difficult for scientists to forecast extreme weather accurately in the short term. Climate change also implies that the world will have to learn to live through more unpredictable weather.

Drivers find vital safety features annoying and switch them off

More than a third (41%) of the drivers participating in a new study in the UK, have turned off features in their car designed to keep them safe. Most drivers said they had switched off life-saving vehicle technology because they find it annoying.

Climate change forces millions to flee their homes

As the number of climate change associated disasters increases, more people are also being forced to flee their homes, especially in Asia, according to Switzerland based organisation Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

Forests in Southeast Asia can weather climate change better if left undisturbed

Tropical forests in Southeast Asia could be more resilient to climate change than widely assumed so long as a diverse landscape is allowed to remain in place, according to new research by the University of Sydney.

Supply chain biggest challenge for cyber security

Supply chain security is the biggest challenge for cyber insurance buyers, according to global insurance broker Marsh.

Ample capacity for cyber insurance

As cyber risks improve and insurers show increased appetite for these risks, capacity for this line of insurance business is also ample to meet the current demand.

APAC sovereigns have limited capacity to adapt to flooding risks

Several sovereigns in the Asia-Pacific region are highly exposed to physical risks from climate change, however, their adaptation capacity to these risks is limited, according to Fitch Ratings.