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Feb 2024

Market Profile


AI and aggregators dominate InsurTech scene

The InsurTech industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain is growing rapidly, with AI technologies and aggregators taking centre stage. We spoke with Braxtone Group’s Mr Mohamed Radhi to find out more.

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Enhanced insurance regulations in Bahrain

New rules and regulations have been introduced by the Central Bank of Bahrain, focusing on mandating health insurance for expatriates and citizens and making ESG reporting compulsory from 2024. We look at some of the regulator’s biggest announcements and how some laws have changed.

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Growth in most lines except life insurance

The insurance industry in Bahrain has shown steady growth in 2023 driven by strong performance across most lines of business. It is expected that the mandatory health insurance scheme will benefit insurers further. However, life insurance struggles to improve.

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Reinsurance in Bahrain

Bahrain has historically been something of a quiet achiever in the region – preferring substance over style. The financial services regulator, also the insurance regulator, the Central Bank of Bahrain, has a reputation for being one of the most principled and rigorous in the region. This bodes well for the growth of reinsurance in the kingdom. We spoke to Trust Re’s Mr Yassir Albaharna for reinsurance insights.

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