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Dec 2023

Insurance world in


Challenges will continue but opportunities lie ahead

IGI Dubai’s Mr Henri Labat reflects on what next year might bring to the Middle East insurance industry.

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Exciting times ahead for the MENA region

The MENA region’s insurance and reinsurance landscape will witness exciting developments and transformations in 2024 says Protection Reinsurance Brokers’ Ms Supriya Sehgal.

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Growth will sustain despite complex geopolitical situation

The MENA region is expected to achieve varied growth across markets. Reinsurers in the region may also be exposed to significant Nat CAT risks according to GAIF’s Mr Chakib Abouzaid.

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Insurance industry forecast for 2024

Insurers must invest in the latest technologies to improve data analytics, automate manual processes and enhance the customer experience.

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MGAs and M&A emerging in the Middle East

The insurance brokerage industry in the Middle East is an emerging one, with record-breaking M&A activity and an influx of MGAs in the region. Digitalisation in businesses has been widely adopted across the sector, with insurers and brokers projecting moderate growth in the coming years.

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Middle East economy has mixed impact on insurers

The year 2023 has seen changeable conditions for insurance buyers in the Middle East. Gallagher’s Mr Nadim Semaan gives his view on why the region seems to be faring better than many other geographies economically and what the insurance challenges and opportunities are as a result.

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Positive outlook for reinsurers in Middle East

Reinsurers in the Middle East have seen a positive turnaround with strong return on equity as a combination of improvement in underwriting results and high investment income. M&A activity has reported to have increased, along with a growing awareness on the importance of Nat CAT pools in the region,says Oman Re’s Mr Khaled Nouiri.

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Regulatory measures expected to raise cost of operations

Insurers in the MENA region will have to keep up with regulatory updates and changes in the coming year. Geopolitical risks in the region have also evolved according to AM Best’s Mr Vasilis Katsipis.

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