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Dec 2023

Market Profile


Kuwait's insurers continue to grapple with compliance

While the domestic insurance industry is performing well and turning a profit, concerns with IFRS17 implementation and regulatory decisions regarding motor vehicle tariffs might have negative effects on the market.

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Non-life growth remains strong in Kuwait

The growth of Kuwait’s property and casualty sector remains strong, supported by economic growth, emerging infrastructure projects and various government initiatives says S&P Global Ratings’ Mr Sachin Sahni.

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Reinsurance market expected to continue hardening

The Kuwaiti reinsurance market remains unaffected by Nat CAT. However, competition is high as the number of players is large compared to the size of the market. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to Kuwait Re’s Mr Mohammed Al Tabtabaei to find out more.

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Strengthening supervision and restoring trust

Kuwait’s Insurance Regulatory Unit issued a number of resolutions over the past 12 months, aimed at ensuring compliance among companies in the insurance industry. Middle East Insurance Review spoke with industry regulators and legal experts to find out more.

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Young population offers huge potential for life sector

Kuwait’s life insurance industry is small when compared to the non-life segment but has the necessary ingredients, including a vibrant youth population to grow and thrive.

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