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Nov 2023

Global Risk Review

Social unrest is rising and risk landscape becomes unpredictable

Social unrest, strike action and political activism are on the rise across the globe, triggered by inequality and a growing concern that social liberties are being eroded according to a new report by Gallagher Re.

Interest in nature-related investments growing

More than two-thirds (69%) of global investors have engaged in nature investment plans to increase their investments according to a new report from climate and nature advisory firm Pollination.

Workplace mental health in Asia

A new report has revealed that 82% of workers in Asia have a high (35%) to moderate (47%) mental health risk, which highlights a growing concern of workplace wellbeing in Asia.

Dark web monitoring service to help pre-empt cyber threats

A new global monitoring system to detect potential cyber threats emerging on the dark web before they take hold within organisations has been launched by cyber security firm NCC Group.

Rising sea levels could flush toxic elements into coastal communities

By 2100, rising sea levels could push coastal groundwater to rise in many coastal urban environments and resultant inundation of contaminated soils by rising groundwater can alter physical, biological and geochemical conditions for coastal communities according to new research.

Climate migration may become difficult for the poor

Climate change-driven heat waves, droughts and floods will become riskier and push vulnerable people into extreme poverty according to a new research by Harvard University researchers.

Multi-factor authentication can cut 99% of cyber attacks

Ninety-nine percent of global cyber attacks could have been prevented by basic security protection, most importantly multi-factor authentication (MFA) according to Microsoft.

Climate change may render top ports unusable by 2050

Some of the world’s largest and important ports may become unusable by 2050 as rising sea levels hit operations according to a new report released in September 2023.

Climate litigation on the rise

Climate activists are targeting more companies and governments for their failures to address their contribution to climate change and this is likely to increase the risk of climate litigation according to a new insight analysis by Gallagher Re.

Countries choose to urbanise in high risk places

Even as the climate crisis escalates and people’s vulnerability to catastrophic events increases, rapid urbanisation in flood prone areas has continued to surge according to new research.