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Nov 2023


Israel-Palestine war impact on renewal discussions

The Israel-Palestine war threatens to impact surrounding countries including Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. Middle East Insurance Review spoke to (re)insurance leaders about the potential impact the war may have on the industry.

Squeezing reinsurance margins not a sustainable tactic to lower price of risk

Collaboration is essential in overcoming the existential problems posed by climate change. We spoke to Hannover Re’s Mr Jean-Jacques Henchoz to find out more about how the reinsurer is growing and adapting to market dynamics.

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Finding the right balance between risk and reward

Meeting the challenge of rising catastrophe risk is best met by a reinsurance sector that is healthy and well capitalised. We spoke to SCOR’s Mr Thierry Léger about finding the right solutions for a healthy industry and a healthier planet.

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Investing in underwriting capacity and data-driven models

Reinsurance business models have been adapting to the changed macroeconomic environment over recent years. We caught up with Munich Re’s Dr Achim Kassow on the sidelines of this year’s Monte Carlo event to find out about recent business developments and prospects for the next 12 months.

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Reinsurance rates must develop further

Real success for a global reinsurer is increasingly about spotting opportunities in different geographies as they arise – and then moving prudently to capitalise on them. We caught up with Allianz Re’s Mr Holger Tewes-Kampelmann on the sidelines of Les Rendez-vous de Septembre to talks about growth opportunities, the year ahead and the one just gone.

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Don't underestimate how brittle the reinsurance market is

Middle East Insurance Review has followed the progress of the Convex Group since its foundation four years ago by talking to its leadership team. This year is no different and we caught up the group’s Mr Paul Brand to talk about the big issues facing the (re)insurer.

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View from India - Sikkim flood insurance implications

The glacial lake overflow floods in Sikkim on 4 October 2023 could result in insurance claims of more than $1.5bn from the washed away hydropower projects and other losses. However, the settlement of these claims could be quite challenging.

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