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Sep 2023


How can the insurance industry contribute to Arab national security?

Much like the rest of the world, the Arab region suffers from the impact of climate change, including heatwaves, drought and flood. GAIF’s Mr Chakib Abouzaid shares his insights.

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Adequate reinsurance capacity to support cedents

During the July renewal cycle, the reinsurance market experienced similar pricing and structural market dynamics to those observed during the January renewal period. However, capacity was adequate and pricing was orderly. Gallagher Re MENA’s Ms Reena Gandesha shares her assessment of the 2023 mid-term renewal process in the Middle East.

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Discipline and rationality reign in mid-term reinsurance renewals

The July 2023 reinsurance renewals in Middle East saw the initiation of a disciplined approach and prudence in pricing and structural market dynamics. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance’s Mr Neeraj Yadvendu shares his thoughts.

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Small reinsurers find opportunities in MENA

Smaller reinsurers in Asia who have established themselves in domestic and neighbouring markets are finding more business opportunities in the MENA region.

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