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15th India Virtual Rendezvous 2022

19-21 Jan 2022

Theme: "Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Indian Insurance Market - The Way Ahead"

The Indian insurance industry has seen tremendous transformations over the first twenty years of the new century, but the experience it has gained over the last twenty months has been a course-altering experience.

It goes to the credit of the Indian insurance industry that it performed well and delivered its best to its customers during the pandemic. The industry rapidly adapted to the new normal of WFH, going digital across the board, bringing out new products that permitted customers, many of them first timers, a smooth onboarding experience into the world of insurance.

The pandemic has taught us what we need to do as an industry, and how we need to work on a strategy for making our future more sustainable and resilient.

The theme of the 15th India Rendezvous Towards a sustainable and resilient Indian insurance market – the way ahead will catalyse the industry to chart out a framework for a more sustainable and resilient Indian insurance industry.

Pandemic apart, the Indian insurance industry has to grapple with climate change induced catastrophes, emerging cyber risks and mounting ESG considerations as well. To be able to address such gargantuan issues the industry has to remain sustainable and resilient.

The 15th India Rendezvous which will once again be a virtual event will address a host of issues like health, climate change, infrastructure, talent crisis and cyber risks that appear to be separate but are inextricably linked to each other.

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