14th India Virtual Rendezvous 2021

20-22 Jan 2021, Virtual Event

Theme: "Going for Gold"

The last 10 months of the pandemic COVID-19 have transformed the insurance sector across the globe, especially in the Asian markets.

The 14th India Rendezvous will strive to absorb this experience to strategise how to boost awareness about insurance  and bridge the wide protection gap in these markets, with this new normal.

Thus the theme of the Rendezvous this year ‘Going for Gold’ which will highlight how as an industry we need to surmount the negativity of the pandemic and rise to the occasion with a positive spirit.

The pandemic has made it amply clear that there is a lot that our industry can do to not only enhance protection covers but also stand up as a very important component of a wider economic and social system that should evolve to tackle the rising catastrophic events and the pandemics.

Technology is already available and can be a wonderful enabler in this effort of ours. We only need to rekindle the spirit of innovation.

The India Rendezvous has over the years evolved as the flagship event for the Indian insurance market. Now in its 14th year, Asia Insurance Review’s largest conference, the India Rendezvous hosts around 800 registered participants, co-organised with GIC Re. We will be inviting the same crowd, albeit on a virtual platform, to engage and mirror as close an experience to a live event as possible, under the circumstances. Local Indian companies will continue to have the opportunity to network via their ‘tables’ on this platform in the same way, and as such, we strive to ensure the flavour and vigor of the Indian spirit is still very strong. We seek your support with the same.

The Rendezvous will also touch upon the good old basics of reinsurance, climate change and the insurers’ dynamics needed to cope with working from home and the rising gig economy.

We look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Rendezvous.

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