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Takaful Rendezvous 2023

26-27 Sep 2023, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Theme: "Enabling an Ecosystem of Innovation, Sustainability and Efficiency for the Takaful Industry - Charting the Future Direction"

Keynote Address
Suhaimi Ali,
Assistant Governor
Bank Negara Malaysia

The Takaful Rendezvous 2023 makes its return as a LIVE, in-person event!  Asia Insurance Review is pleased to once again host the Rendezvous in collaboration with our esteemed Co-Organiser, the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA).

Bank Negara Malaysia, with the founding members of Value-based Intermediation (VBI) Community of Practitioners (CoP), has introduced the Value-based Intermediation Strategy Paper. This paper enhances the roles and influence of Islamic banking institutions, charting out a vital direction for Takaful operators, with the aim of strengthening the industry.

As the Takaful sector in Malaysia embraces VBI and incorporates it into the Value-based Intermediation for Takaful (VBIT) Framework, it opens a realm of potential opportunities and food for thought for Malaysia as well as regional Takaful companies to look at real solutions that are required for the sustainable future of Takaful. It is with this backdrop that the theme this year is “Enabling an Ecosystem of Innovation, Sustainability and Efficiency – Charting the Future Direction”.

How can the Takaful insurance and reinsurance sectors serve communities comprehensively while ensuring progress and sustainability?

How can Takaful operators in Asia reposition themselves in the market and extend their outreach with new products and appeal?

What are the existing challenges affecting penetration of Takaful and distribution gaps in both individual and business sectors?

What lessons have been learned, and what crucial factors and pathways must Takaful operators consider as the industry landscape undergoes reshaping in the midst of the push towards unprecedented innovation and growth?

The Takaful Rendezvous 2023 will aim to address these concerns whilst exploring the VBIT framework as proposed by Bank Negara. This is a very opportune time for the industry to step up and look at serious solutions to real challenges.

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