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After 14 years in the Middle East and 29 years in Asia, we are now set to launch the online Africa eWeekly Insurance News at this important 46th AIO Conference and Annual General Assembly. We are proud to bring this to you in response to popular demand from our readers around the world and market leaders and bodies in Africa.

Today, Africa, with a population of 1.3bn in 54 countries and a combined GDP of $2.2tn, accounts for only 1.4% (US$66.7bn) share of the global premiums. Hence, the potential is tremendous, especially since there is so much happening in Africa on all fronts, politics aside. The insurance industry has visionary leaders who are readily tapping into technology to reach the unbanked with e-wallets and getting more customer-centric, while regulators are stepping in to ensure sustainability of the industry even as the region gets more exposed to Nat CATs, global warming and man-made disasters.

Our Africa eWeekly Insurance News will bring you a quick weekly summary of what is happening in the region every Monday to your desktop. Just sign up now. In the world insurance ecosystem, google analytics show that we are Number 1 in Asia and the Middle East respectively with Asia Insurance Review and Middle East Insurance Review.

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