11th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference

25-27 Sep 2017, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Muscat, Oman

Theme: "Making Compulsory Health Insurance in the Era of Disruptive Innovation"

Early Bird Ends on 28 August 2017

Key Topics

  • Global Healthcare Trends & Developments
  • Overview of the world of compulsory health insurance
  • Overview of the Healthcare Systems in the MENA region
  • Healthcare Financing and Delivery
  • Marketing Strategies and Alternative Distribution Channels of Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Strategic Tips in Underwriting Healthcare with Profitability
  • A Leadership Role for Reinsurers in Healthcare
  • Do Life insurers have a role in Healthcare Insurance?
  • How Data Science & Analytics are Transforming Healthcare.
  • Genetics and Impact on Health Insurance
  • Investments in Healthcare and Implications for the Insurance Industry
  • Regulatory Issues in Healthcare and Health Insurance in the Middle East
  • Partnerships in Managing Expectations: hospitals, medical health
  • Providers, Governments, health authority, TPAs, Insurers?
  • Business Models for Collaboration: Hospitals/Clinics, TPAs and Insurers- Is there a Successful Model? 
  • The Ideal Model for Insurers, Healthcare Providers, Hospitals and Role of Insurers in Medical Health Tourism

New Horizons, New Opportunities in Healthcare

  • Opportunities in Micro Health Insurance
  • The Role of Takaful – Healthcare Takaful
  • Innovation in Healthcare vs Health Insurance: Product Features, Marketing & Delivery

Underwriting & Claims Management

  • Underwriting Issues in Healthcare: Strategies for Success
  • Managing Medical Claims & Fraud in Healthcare
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Medical Service Pricing and the Claims Servicing

Compulsory Healthcare Insurance

  • Critical Success Factors for Compulsory Healthcare Insurance
  • The Expatriate Healthcare Market

Compulsory Healthcare Insurance with Market updates: Dubai; Abu Dhabi; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; Bahrain; Kuwait; Jordan, Egypt

Special Focus: Oman

  • Oman’s Experience in the development of its health care system\
  • Compulsory Medical Insurance
  • How to Establish An Effective Public Private Partnership. What are the Issues, Challenges & Recommendations?
  • Is there a Role for TPAs
  • Future Outlook

Case Studies
Panel on Case Studies from Companies and Markets

  • Lessons from successful health insurers globally
  • Lessons from healthcare experiences in countries in the Middle East
  • Lessons from outside the region: the UK, and the US.

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