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March 2015 Edition
Cover Story
Lloyd's takes the Middle East plunge

After years of speculation and anticipation, Lloyd's is finally launching its Middle East platform in Dubai this March. What lies ahead for Lloyds and the...

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Country Profile - Qatar
Winds of change in Qatar

There are signs of regulatory reforms and industry collaboration to raise premium retention, even as companies are calling for more to be done to improve market discipline.

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Last updated on, 24 March 2015

Theme: ''Winning with Banks''

8-9 Apr 2015, Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel, United Arab Emirates

Theme: ''A Need for Creative Solutions to Meet Increasing Risk Exposures''

9-10 Apr 2015, Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore

Theme: ''Protecting and Growing the Future of Asia''

29-30 Apr 2015, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore