Who can enter?
  • Entries are invited from around the region and can focus on regional or specialised activities.
  • Entries in more than one category are allowed.
  • Organisations, teams or individuals may be nominated for an award by a third party or by self-nomination through the submission of an application.  

If you are nominating yourself or your own company, using the criteria for guidance, explain in not more than 1,200 words why your company or chosen individual should win the award.

Third-party nominations

If you are nominating another individual or company, submit the nomination form and a 200-word statement summarising why the applicant would be a worthy recipient of the award. If the nomination is shortlisted, the awards administrators will contact the nominee and invite them to submit a full application for the award categories in which they have been nominated.

Where to send your entries

Submit your entries by

  • 29 May 2023 (third-party nominations)
  • 7 July 2023 (self-nominations)

Online OR email to awards@meinsurancereview.com

Application requirements
  • A nomination form is included with this brochure on page 13 or may be completed Online.
  • A nomination form is included with this brochure on page 11 or may be completed online.
  • All entries must be written in English and must specifically address the criteria.
  • Entries must not exceed 1,200 words (self-nominations). Entries received without the 1,200-word write-up (self-nominations) or 200-word statement (third-party nominations) will NOT be considered.
    Should the word count of an application exceed the word limit, the judges will not read it.
  • Write-ups must use the following format: The font used must be Times New Roman, size 13; Left and right margins must be 1.0” each; Line spacing between lines must be 1.0.
  • All write-ups should consist of text only: to submit in both Word document and PDF.
    Entries may include additional supporting documents but will be limited to two pages.
    Visuals and pictures should preferably be appended separately as supporting documents/attachments (see below).

Supporting documents/attachments (to submit in PDF):

  • Should be included to back up assertions made in the submissions. 
  • Shall be limited to two pages. These will not constitute part of the word count.
  • May include images, graphs, statistics, client testimonials, official production records, proof of service to association/industry/ society, academic qualifications, proof of activities and improvements. NO video link(s) or video(s) are allowed.

    If participating in more than one category, the nomination write-up must be relevant and tailored to answering the criteria of the different categories. We reserve the right to consider the nomination for only one category should the write-ups be the same.


  • A representative from the finalists of some of the categories will be invited to present their case via a livestream interview with the judging panel on the 28 September 2023
  • The organisers reserve the right to publish some or all information of winning entries given at nomination.
  • The verdict of the judging panel is final, as scrutinised by the independent auditor, EY

For all categories, the qualifying period is from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023.