Let’s hear it for the stars

It is always the right time to recognise and salute the stars.

We, at Middle East Insurance Review, take pride in launching this 6th Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA).

Over the years with the insurance industry being buffeted by change from every quarter be it Nat CAT, cyber threats, digital or regulations, the commitment to excellence remains. Hence we are doubling our efforts to bring the light on more stars in these Awards, hailed often as the best in town.

It is a reputation earned through years of careful planning and execution with the support of the leaders of the industry who serve as the distinguished panel of judges to select the winners.

The Awards are seen as distinctive, scrupulously above board and highly coveted. The process is transparent, the criteria and categories are clearly defined and the jury comprises distinguished industry leaders – domestic, regional and international – with the results being independently audited.

In this 6th MIIA, with the global attention on diversity and inclusion, we are introducing a new category – Woman Leader of the Year – to pay tribute to the important and outstanding role of women in the MENA insurance region.

Some 75 winners have walked the red carpet in our Awards series. Some are serial winners, while others sweep up several awards in a single year. Many have gone out of their way to celebrate the victory. They boost the image of insurance in society, too.

Given the creativity and innovation in the market and tremendous challenges faced, I am sure the 6th MIIA will see more candidates taking part. The Awards are backed by a panel of judges who collectively lend their weight to make these Awards special. I salute these judges for their commitment despite the tough demands on their work schedule.

Now you must play your part to be in the Awards. Nominate what you see as either the best in town or your own company if you think you are doing something great that makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest. But it must be something that adds value to the industry as a whole and not just to the corporate bottom line.

Self-nominations are welcome. Don’t be shy to say you are the best if you indeed are.

In launching this 6th Awards, I salute all our past winners over the five years too and invite everyone to take part in the various categories as long as you have a story to tell.

Let the search begin. Let the stars shine.

Sivam Subramaniam
Middle East Insurance Review & Asia Insurance Review

ABOUT THE ORGANISER: Middle East Insurance Review

Established in 2006, Middle East Insurance Review (MEIR) has become an integral part of the marketplace as a highly professional magazine meeting the information needs of insurance practitioners, not only those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), but those interested in doing business in the region.

MEIR is the magazine of choice for both conventional insurance as well as takaful players in these markets, as the only publication with a dedicated section on the global takaful industry. Due to its reputation and extensive reach, MEIR is the official publication for major industry events such as the GAIF and FAIR Conferences. In addition, MEIR has made its mark through technical conferences adding value to the industry.


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